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Newcastle & Hunter Valley's Audio System & Home Theatre Specialists

Audio Junction has been the home of Real HiFi, Video and custom home installations since 1981. Based in Newcastle NSW, our family of satisfied customers is growing nationally through our online shop.

The message we want to get across is that 'Real Hi-Fi' simply sounds more beautiful than typical off-the-shelf equipment from chain-store box- movers - and it needn't break the bank!

You'll find our expert staff will listen to you, understand your budget and tailor an entertainment system just right for your tastes, your room and your long-lasting enjoyment, truly a 'sound investment'.

The products we recommend are all regarded as 'best of breed' in their class. It is this assurance of quality and reliability that has kept Audio Junction ahead of the game. And because we know what we are talking about, we know how best to match our quality products with each other - or with your existing equipment - to make systems that really 'sing'.

We'll provide the same care whether you are shopping online - protected by our no-fuss money-back guarantee - or can come into our store personally. Either way, talk to us - we'd like to meet you!  You'll find us friendly and helpful - and we'll still want to know you after the sale. One way to keep in touch with us - and other music lovers - is through our Facebook page. Check it out!

Warm regards,

John Cornell,
Managing Director



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