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Audio Junction's Mid-Fi Room

Posted by MD on 14 March 2014
Audio Junction's Mid-Fi Room
Welcome to the second instalment in a series about our in-store demo facilities. We're quite proud of our demo rooms which set us apart from the other local Audio/Video shopping destinations in Newcastle. In our store you can take your time and listen to a variety of equipment combinations in a comfortable and relaxed environment, assisted by a dedicated and passionate team who believe and stand behind the products we sell.

The heart of the Mid-Fi room is our Nexus comparator, which lets you compare our full range of speakers, amps and source components simply by pressing a few buttons. Currently on the comparator are the full range of NAD integrated amps and CD Players, a selection of Yamaha integrated amps, receivers and CD players, a Naim Nait 5si integrated amp, Creek Evo 50 integrated amp, Naim UnitiQute, Cambridge Audio Minx and a Sonos Connect/Arcam Sonlink DAC combo. Also present are turntables and phono stages from Project, Rega, Musical Fidelity and NAD. In the speaker department we have a range of floor standers and bookshelf models from Cambridge Audio, Bose, Q Acoustics, Richter, Bowers & Wilkins, PSB, Epos, Ellipson and JBL.

We also have a number of our recommended packages set up in the Mid-Fi Room for demos. There is a Naim UnitiLite paired with JBL LS40 Bookshelf speakers, a Yamaha AS-500 and Subsonic XM3 combination, a Yamaha and Focal Dome combo, and one of our favourites - the Richter Wizard and Mystique package.

While we encourage you to bring along some of your personal favourites for your test-drive we are quite proud of our digital music collection, which has been carefully curated by our in-house music guru Nathan. We can demonstrate a variety of music formats with various bit rates and codecs from a range of sources: Naim UnitiServe, Music M8 server, iPod, Hard Drive and Laptop PC. Hi-res digital music is here and it sounds superb, and above all it is easy to access and manage. We can also help out with advice on networking and getting your music into the digital realm.

Finally, in our Mid-Fi Room we have a great range of cables and interconnects for all budgets and tastes. No use investing in all of that superb equipment if you can't piece it together with great cables.

So the next time you're in the hunt for some new kit drop into our store take a look around our Mid-Fi Room. It can get pretty busy, and we like to spend plenty of time with our customers, so be sure to make an appointment so you can take your time and audition our selection of great affordable hifi in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

Author: MD

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