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Naim Experience Evening

Posted by MD on 7 May 2014





Experience the second British Invasion at Audio Junction.



Since the company’s foundation in 1973, Naim Audio has relentlessly pursued the same, single, outwardly simple aim: to recreate the performance a musician has recorded accurately and with all of the information wholly intact. That means that not only must the musical notes be faithfully preserved but so must the emotion and passion that inspired the performance.

This philosophy distinguishes Naim from mainstream manufacturers who boast of their equipment having ‘ultra-low distortion’ and ‘extended frequency response’. Sadly, they tell you nothing about how successfully the equipment communicates music. What makes Naim stand out cannot be conveyed in numbers alone: what measurement, for example, reveals how one singer’s phrasing is more evocative than another’s or that one guitarist plays more fluently than another?

Pace, rhythm and timing are elements that always crop up whenever enthusiasts discuss Naim and these terms attempt to describe the equipment’s phenomenal temporal acuity, which is only appreciated by hearing how precisely it arranges notes in time and gives music its natural, lyrical flow. It’s not unlike the difference between a drum machine and a real drummer. The former might have militaristic precision but it has no feel, no sense of any human involvement. Naim excels in revealing such nuances.



However, the proof is in the listening as they say so we're giving you the opportunity to experience Naim for yourself. We're currently taking expressions of interest for our Naim Experience product evening scheduled to take place Wednesday 11th June. As well as a great opportunity to get hands-on with their multi-award winning products, Naim representatives will be on hand to take you through the great range of amplifiers, CD players, streaming devices, DAC's and all-in-one systems, and answer any of your questions whilst you listen to some music and relax with a glass of wine...

Interested? Simply express your interest by emailing us your name, number and email address so that we can tally the numbers and contact you with the full event details very soon. Know someone who'd also like to attend? Please feel free to forward them this email or include their details with your response.

Numbers will be limited so be quick and stay tuned for more details!


Author: MD
Tags: Naim Hifi

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