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Our Three Part Guide to an Affordable, Future-Proof High Fidelity System - Part 2

Posted by Juan on 12 October 2017

Speaker designer Andrew Jones is the master of creating award-winning speakers with remarkable sound quality and on a small budget. Well known for his work with KEF, Infinity and Pioneer/TAD, he has most recently created a whole new range of amazingly affordable loudspeakers and electronics - this time under the umbrella of hi-end German speaker manufacturer ELAC. The aim; to bring audiophile quality to the masses.

Andrew caused a sensation at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2015 where people were delirious about his new ELAC Debut models - even Herb Reichert from Stereophile magazine was impressed.

Andrew's later creations - the ELAC Debut B5 and Debut B6 have been met with glowing praise from critical music listeners and reviewers alike - and I can understand why after a recent listening session pitting the Debut B6 up against several speakers, some of them with price tags more than double the price of the B6.   

Listening to Vince Jones's For All Colours (streamed via Tidal thanks to the BluOS MDC module fitted to the NAD C368) on the B6, I could recreate in part the spaciousness, resonances and liveliness I heard from experiencing Vince Jones and his bands live performance at Lizotte's theatre in Lambton, Newcastle last September, reminding me of how moved and privileged I felt listening live to one of the great legends of modern Jazz music. 

The B6 delivers the bass and punch required for conveying the high dynamic effect of the drums, trumpet, double bass, and piano typically found in such jazz recordings - performance qualities that can be extended to all music types. Therefore, after hours of audition and comparisons of speakers, the Debut B6 is truly deserving of a place in any "Affordable Audiophile quality" system.

TIP: As we go to press, those happy to spend a little more might also audition the floor standing Richter Jaguar. At a heavily reduced price limited to the last few pairs, you can add that extra level of bass impact that would suit larger size rooms.

Click here for more info on the ELAC B6

Click here for more info on the Richter Jaguar

Author: Juan
Tags: speakers hi-fi ELAC

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