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Our Three Part Guide to an Affordable, Future-Proof High Fidelity System - Part 3

Posted by Juan on 23 October 2017
Vinyl: the retro-cool factor
LP's deliver a true to life performance often unmatched by standard-resolution digital audio.
If you haven't had the opportunity to experience a good LP playback system, I'd encourage you to pay us a visit and ask our staff to playback a record for you. There's even a good chance that you'll find music you like within our LP collection.

How much should you spend in a turntable? You should dedicate a greater proportion of your budget on the components you spend more time listening to. If you're fortunate enough to have a large collection of vinyl that you play daily and consider them your primary source of music, you should consider as well that the turntable will be your system's front-end. No system can compensate for poor information acquired at the front-end, so, aim for the highest performance turntable you can by investing about 35-40% of your budget on it. Conversely, if most of your favourite music is on CD or your primarily streaming music in standard or hi-res music and your turntable is going to be more of a secondary source, that figure could be around 15% of your budget.

CD & Digital music: Kings of Convenience
Your system front-end, in this case, will be your CD player, or your Music Streamer. If you have a lifetime collection of CD music, same will apply as per the previous paragraph: you should dedicate a greater proportion of your budget, on the components, you spend more time listening to, but we may be more conservative in this case suggesting about 30 to 35% of your budget.
The Music Streamer solution can deliver digital music to your system in varying performance levels; from less than CD quality, to CD quality, all the way up to high-resolution 24bit depending on the capability of your music streamer, and the online music provider you select. Of course, your own CD collection can also be streamed. One such solution is to rip and store your CD collection a network storage device, making your collection available through your home network to be seen by a streaming device connected to your hi-fi system. We will explore in depth in the next article "Music Streamers: what they do, should you need one, and what is available".
Author: Juan
Tags: hi-fi

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