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What's on Demo....Audio Junction's Demo Lounges

Posted by MD on 16 January 2014

The first in a series of rants about our in store demo facilites: Part 1- Home Theatre Demo Room

Audio Junction's Theatre room is a constanly evolving canvas that changes as we discover new products that raise the bar in terms of both performance and cost. Latest additions include the Epson TW9200 projector and Cambridge Audio's Aero Speaker system. The Epson is simply a stunning projector for the price. We've had a long running relationship with Mitsubishi and were dissappointed when they announced that they were pulling out of the projector business late last year. The search for a new entry level projector began, it had to be well priced, present a stunning image and have reliability and support we could stand behind. After an exhaustive selection process we decided on the Epson TW9200 with its 3 year warranty on both the projector and the lamp.  Drop by the store and take a look for yourself, I'm sure you will agree that this is one special bit of kit. We still have a couple of Mitsubishi HC4000's left, another great projector at the price and with 3 year warranty, come and compare the two for yourself.

The Cambridge Audio Aero Speaker system was a product that caught our eye at the Hifi Show in Melbourne late last year, it impressed us enough to earn a spot in the speaker line-up on our comparator. Upon further investigation we have found that the only chink in it's armour is the subwoofer, which can get a little flustered if driven too hard. Our solution to this is to substitute the Cambridge sub for another British sub, the B&W SW610, at the same price, the B&W being a cracker of a sub with prodigous output down to subterranean levels.This combo will set you back a mere $3500

We love to show off our Theatre Demo room so do drop by for a test drive soon, even better call ahead and we will have a cuppa ready for you. In a future BLOG I will discuss our favourite equipment combos in the Theatre Room, but unitl then Keep Calm and Rock On!

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Equipment curently playing in the Audio Junction Home Theatre Demo Lounge-



Screen- Screen Technics 100" Electricinema







Author: MD
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