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If all your electronics were stacked on the floor, we sat on a box, and listened to an AM radio simulcast of the cricket, you wouldn't be tempted to call it a home theatre.

The furnishings of a room lend a style and a purpose to the room, and can be extremely functional parts of a solution. Audio Junction carries a range of purpose designed home theatre furniture. This includes cabinets, stands, racks, brackets, chairs, lounges and towers.

Home Theatre furniture must also assist the devices by being rigid, vibration free and show off the devices to best effect. The shelf spacing and width is purposely made to fit standard components, the chairs have cup holders in the arms, recliners and remote caddies. This is what home theatre is all about, more than just a big screen TV, it's an experience like going to the movies at home with toilet breaks.


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Many modern homes make extensive use of glass, both as surfaces and features as it has a clean purity that appeals to many. This uncluttered fresh lifestyle appears at odds with the often incredibly nightmarish cabling apparently required by your system.

Cable management is the clever us of hidden grooves, tubes, hollow pillars etc for the routing of cables out of sight. Audio Junction long recognised that this was a feature not found in regular furniture adapted to the purpose, and now specialises in purpose designed AV furniture all with cable management as standard.

The net result of using such a solution is that you can easily have glass shelves and still magically appear to have no wires visible.


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All components of a system are designed with normal operating temperature parameters in mind. Many devices include circuits that generate large amounts of heat. This heat must be dissipated quickly to avoid overheating. For this reason it is inadvisable to stack components simply on atop the next. Apart from the combined weight potentially exceeding design limits, there would be insufficient airflow around each device to ensure proper heat dissipation.

If devices are to be enclosed in a cupboard or otherwise placed in a location not readily visible (such as equipment room) then even more care should be taken to provide adequate ventilation to the devices.

In the case of equipment being placed in cabinetry not originally designed for the purpose, Audio Junction installers may require additional ventilation holes or ports to be made in the unit to accommodate and disperse the increased temperature generated by the devices.

Heat management is not normally an issue where devices are placed in open sided shelving such as HiFi towers or on specially designed Wide Screen Display stands or shelving solutions.


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Where devices are required to be hidden, or consume a small space, or perhaps the sheer complexity of the solution demands it; rack mounting is a perfect alternative. Long the practice in industrial uses rack mounting is an affordable and extremely versatile solution to device mounting. Audio Junction assembles and is often able to program and test rack solutions on the bench before installation into the home or boat or business.

Rack mounting also allows for better access to the equipment as sliding bays and pivoting drawer assemblies allow the back of equipment to be accessed with ease. Audio Junction can provide a wide range of sizes and designs of rack units to meet any requirement.