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Atacama Eris Eco 5.0 Hi-Fi Rack

$ 2,397.00 AUD
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Featuring high density carbonized bamboo resin composite material for the shelving, The ERIS Eco 5.0 Hi Fi utilizes handmade fully welded powder coated steel frame modules fitted with mini isolation gel pads designed to decouple the framework from the supported bamboo panels. Each module is then isolated from the next via three fully adjustable 8mm carbon steel spikes. To help further dissipate sonic resonance while reducing mass within each shelf, channels have been incorporated into the underside of each bamboo panel. These channels also act as a means of enclosing the main module framework resulting in a Hifi support that offers excellent value, high performance and a clean, stylish modern design. ERIS Eco is made in the UK.
Shelf Dimensions (WxH): 490 x 500 mm
Shelf Height: 200mm (bottom shelf), 175mm (middle shelves)
Weight Capacity Per Shelf: 20kg
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 590 x 550 x 800 mm
Finishes: Dark Bamboo, Medium Bamboo

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