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Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers

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$ 440.00 AUD
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Used as in-wall surround sound speakers with your home theatre components, or as in-ceiling speakers for your stereo system, the Bose 191 flush mount speakers are unobtrusive and easy to install. Both rectangular and round grilles are included so you can use either, according to your preference. You can even paint the grilles to match your walls or ceiling..

Music to your earsand easy on your eyes, thanks to the proprietary Bose technologies in these Virtually Invisible® speakers. Articulated Array® speaker design delivers spacious, natural sound throughout the listening area. And Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance makes it possible to hear balanced audio almost anywhere in the room, unlike conventional home audio speakers that focus sound in one "sweet spot".

A proprietary ported enclosure delivers smooth, consistent low-frequency response. This innovative built-in speaker design compensates for unpredictable environments behind walls or above ceilings that can diminish performance, and also prevents sound from radiating directly into adjoining rooms.


  • Flush-mount speaker design
  • Spacious, natural sound with smooth low-frequency response
  • Connect to stereo or surround sound components
  • Ported enclosure for easy in-wall or ceiling installation
  • Paintable rectangular and round grilles included


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