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Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System

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 Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting bookshelf stereo speakers bring clear, spacious sound to your music and movies. These versatile bookshelf speakers are small enough to fit comfortably on a shelf or in an entertainment centre, yet use advanced Bose technologies to convey much of the power of a live performance.

In a live performance, music reaches your ears, and your emotions, through a blend of direct and reflected sound. Direct/Reflecting speaker technology recreates this combination to deliver spacious sound similar to what you'd experience in a concert hall or theatre.

Unlike conventional speakers that focus stereo effects in a prominent sweet spot, Bose 301 stereo speakers provide Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance. Proprietary technologies built into our best bookshelf speakers make it possible for you and your friends and family to enjoy balanced stereo sound almost anywhere in the room.

  • Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology
  • Stereo Targeting® tweeters
  • Tuned port enclosure
  • Syncom® computer quality control



Driver complement: One 8-inch (20 cm) woofer. Two 2-inch (5 cm) high-sensitivity tweeters.
Compatibility/impedance: Compatible with amplifiers and receivers rated from 10 to 150 watts per channel & rated 4 - 8 ohms
Enclosure: Polymer and vinyl veneer over wood construction
Dimensions (WxHxD): 360 x 250 x 250 mm
Weight: 5.7 kg each

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