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Marcus, I must say that my recent purchase of a Yamaha AS501 has been the best money spent for a very long time with completely new tones coming out of my ageing Mirage speakers, ringing through Wallsend for neighbours to hear my great records all the time now along with my ears adjusting to never heard before tones as well.

I know this is one of the bottom line that you sell but i must say really supreme sound for the price I am still over the moon at the gigantic improvement for $700 odd dollars.

Thank you for showing me the light

Regards Rocking Rodney



A huge thank you to Nathan and Marcus for going "above and beyond" in helping me select the components for my new sound system. As someone with a wide and eclectic taste in music, it was never going to be easy, but they asked the right questions and patiently and painstakingly took me through a range of music played through different components over what I am sure were a trying few days. Having finally identified the "sound" that I really liked, we were able to zero in on the components that reproduced it best, with them suggesting intelligent alternatives both above and below the price point my reference system was at. I finally settled on the configuration, and after all that testing I couldn't wait to get it home and powered up. Even in this detail, Audio Junction excelled, delivering the components to my home that same day and even lending me a CD player while I waited for the model I wanted to arrive (same player, different finish) and making a new set of speaker cables when the first set proved a little short for the final placement in house. If I was in any doubt about my choice, it was completely blown away when my partner came home for a first "listen". Playing Puccini first, we had our very own "Pretty Woman" moment, but those tears soon turned to smiles, laughter and clapping hands as Supertramp brought memories of her first live concert flooding back. As for me, I consider myself fortunate to have shopped at Audio Junction and to have been served by two dedicated, knowledgeable and thoroughly honest and ethical staff. My life is that much richer for the the amazing sounds I now enjoy every day. I would recommend Audio Junction to anyone who cares what they put into their ears and have done so for a number of friends.

Andrew Francis



Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new amp. The sound is just staggering. Have it all set up in our system and working off the Logitech Harmony remote. Perfect amp for the system and a big thanks to you for your great advice.

Garry & Pat Ellis


  "30 odd years, that's how long it's been since I first crossed paths with Mr John Cornell. I met John as a music fan and regular buyer of records at his shop in Maitland. This is where I bought my first real stereo "wow" a real stereo, something that had given me countless hours of total musical pleasure. So I sort for John when the time had come for an upgrade to my "last system" the one I will retire and grow old with. I had products in mind and they were nice, they were what I was used to, they sounded great and they were going to be mine. Then one day everything was thrown away with the bath water when I heard his new Mystique amplifier. I sat patiently in the high end room with John connecting the amp to some very lovely speakers "yum" turn the amp on, put a cd in the draw press play and "bang" the tubes weren't even warm. As I sat there I could hear that noise get better and better and with each passing minute I was drawn to a place where I was finding it harder and harder to ignore that this would be something well worth owning. I sat and played a few tunes, world music, classical, jazz a bit of rock everything was thrilling. That was then, I now own a Mystique Valve Amplifier and my fondness grows more and more each time I push the power button for another ride. Hard to believe it doesn't stop there hidden inside the amp nestles a lovely DAC, which does a great job of playing all your digital media as well. I know John is going to do well with this range of amplifiers and for me they have a lot of him rolled up in them, most of all a willingness to give his customers a honest full audiophile listening experience. It's been great sharing more time around people like John and his friendly staff at Audio Junction in Hamilton and hope the relationship lasts for many more years to come." ?Yours Faithfully, ?Stephen Dodds


  "It's a pleasure to walk into Audio Junction and be greeted by your
first name. They share your passion for home theatre. From equipment requirements
to theatre installation they listened, advised and were always
professional. The whole project went very smoothly."
Stephen Macmillan




  "The team from Audio Junction have performed a number of Installations of Audio Visual Equipment over a period of the past 10 years in our home at Merewether.
Always professional in their approach, we did not hesitate to contact them when we built our Bed and Breakfast establishment, which required unobtrusive, quality, electronic TV and sound systems."
Christine and Bob Comyns


  "While the equipment proved to be most impressive, the service and expertise of the installation crew proved to be even more so! The Installers came to the house and in one day managed to run cables (through the roof & walls) install, set-up and commission and tune everything. Nothing was too much trouble to them. Their neatness and the trouble they went to, making sure that everything was right was most welcome. To see technicians employing craft skills of the highest order is unfortunately rare in these days. These guys are most certainly exceptional!"
Phil Berriman


  "it totally blows me away. Even the Blu Ray through the Playstation 3 is amazing.
Thanks for all your help and the after purchase attention was especially touching and very much appreciated. "
Simon Melmeth


  "We were delighted with the time and interest Audio Junction took in our requirements for our integrated sound system in our home. Also Their patience when I changed my mind on the TV size after it had been installed.
The patience and follow up training by the installation team to a pair of old troglodytes was greatly appreciated."
Alison Goninan


  Id like to express my sincere appreciation for audio junctions consistent and caring service of the installation of my new systems. Three years ago i bought my last bose system, i have continually enjoyed its quality sound, and of course its attractive design. Love the tiny white speakers.
Joan Bona


  I love the new TV, it is a million times better than our last one. The picture is so clear and it really does feel like you are there in the picture. Although it was a more expensive TV it was definitely worth the money as it has all the features we wanted and you guys installed it for us which means we didn't have to stress about how to set it up
Nicole N


  Many thanks for sending Adam to our home. He was very good indeed at putting us at our ease (and not for letting us think that we were stupid in not understanding the controls etc.) He has a great personality and is well mannered. Adam's knowledge of your equipment was of great value to us and he explained it in simple language and simple demonstrations. We took notes and all is clear now. We are now getting full use of the equipment and are very happy.
We would recommend Audio Junction equipment and service to anyone.
Kevin and Cathy Claydon


  Every one likes to complain when people don't get it right but
unfortunately rarely go to the trouble to say thanks when they receive
excellent service.
Your exceptional product knowledge and ability to listen and appreciate
my needs ended a long search for the system that fulfilled my
Your efficiency and speed in delivering the Bose system which I
purchased to a country town remote from your store exceeded my
expectations, your service being backed by a personal follow up phone
call to ensure all was OK
I would have no hesitation in recommending Audio Junction to family,
friends and associates.
Kind regards,
Dr Alan Love


  I was very impressed by your knowledge and service, willingness to give me whatever I needed in order to choose the best speaker package for my needs. Your demo room is impressive and made it very easy to choose the correct speaker package for my needs and budget.
Definitely beats walking into large shopping chains and being pressured by pushy salespeople with inferior products and knowledge.
Braden Murdoch



While most of our previous sound system was purchaced during the last 10 years our marantz speakers were 1976 vintage. The music sounded good to us but the voice clarity when watching TV and movies wasn't there and we were using subtitles on most shows especially those produced in Britan.

Dilemma - where to go for advice?. We tried all the usual outlets selling electrical goods but with no joy. Then a friend mentioned a firm in Newcastle who dealt only with audio visual systems.

A search of the internet loacated your showroom in Hamilton and we phoned one morning and were lucky enough to get Steve Bertram.

Well, the professional service we received from steve was amazing, Instead of asking us "what we wanted" he asked "what are your needs - what do you listen to etc." Nobody had ever asked us those questions.

We visited your showroom and spent a couple of hours with Steve viewing movies in the fabulous lounge area and then spending time in the Bose room which is setup so well.

As a result of our visit, instead of purchasing a low price speaker and AV receiver we opted instead for a Bose system. We had never considered this type of equipment becasue we didnt know anything like this was available.

We can't thank Steve enough for his expert advice and also for bring the system to us and setting it up in our home in Forster. What great service, we are thankful that it wasn't left to us to install and really appreciate you help in this regard.

The sound/clarity is just great and the system so easy to use.

We will be recommending Audio Junction to all of our friends here in Forster and to anyone wanting professional help in purchasing the best sound systems and components.

Thank you to steve, Thank you Audio Junction and Thank you Bose - an amazing music system.


Sandra Cohen and Val Hooper



I want to highly commend the salesmanship and professional manner of your employee Mr Adam Hobbs. Adam excelled himself in offering complete client satisfaction with the supply and fitting of a new Bose home theatre system to our home.

Today in the consumer industry it is very rare to find him level of competence. He gave excellent guidance in what we needed and was conscientious to provide support with the new system at home.

I entrust that you regard him as a valuable employee, as they are hard to find.

Paul and Norelle Barnard



We thought it appropriate to let you know that after a few
months we are delighted with our 321 GS Series 3 audio

Apart from looking good the unit produces the most brilliant sound.

Worth mentioning is the impressive high quality professionalism
of your Sales Executive - Steve.

He did a great job of patiently demonstrating the various alternatives
without at any time putting us under any pressure to make a decision.

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

Best regards,

Joan & Peter


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